Conveyor systems












SPECIALS (in-liner)


SPECIALS (case-turner)


SPECIALS (schietneus) 


Internal conveyorsystems.

IntOCon offers for every product of package the correctly dimensioned custom-made or multifunctional solution.




PU conveyors



throughed belts


inclined belts





thermodrive conveyor


ThermoDrive belts have a 100% closed surface.  Extremely fitted for the food industry where hygien and frequently cleaning is very important.

In contract to the traditional positive driven belts, ThermoDrive belts use sprockets and are tensionless

ThermoDrive combines the best properties of modular and traditional  woven belts.



roller conveyors


Roller conveyors are used to transport packed goods (f.i. packages, boxes or pallets).

They are driven or gravity does its job.





wire mesh belting 



Wire mesh belts are suited for production processes where a big go through and a small contactsurface is required.


Extremely suited for ovens, cooling, washing, dipping.





vibratory conveying



Vibratory conveyours are used to dose or to transport a product without damaging it. Can also be used for sieving.



modulair plastic belting









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